What is an Accredited Course?

What is an accredited course?

An accredited course is a learning program that meets industry standards and is recognized on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). This qualification will equip you with quality education and is recognized by employers and other institutes.

MB Training Boutique offers the following accredited courses through SSETA

Basic Hair Styling Course
Unit Standard – 262628 (Perform Hairstyling Techniques)

Intensive Makeup Artistry Courses
Unit Standard – 377486 (Perform a Makeup Application for all Occasions)

Will I get a job with an accredited qualification?

It is important to know an accredited qualification does not necessarily guarantee you a job. However, it improves your employment opportunities. Because these courses are recognized, you stand a greater chance of being considered for employment.

With that being said, in our industry as freelancers, your portfolio of work done, is more important than you “qualification”

What is a Non-Accredited course?

A non-accredited course is a learning programme that is not recognized on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). It is also not connected to an external accreditation body. Non-accredited courses focus on equipping you with a specific skill-set. It is great for learning a new skill or improving an existing skill-set and will add value to your CV, allowing you to apply for a job.

Why study a non-accredited course?

  • It is more affordable than accredited qualifications
  • There are no exams
  • You do not need a Matric to study non-accredited courses
  • It will add value to your CV
  • You can gain a new skill-set in a short time

At MB Training Boutique we offer the following Non-Accredited Courses

As you can see, both accredited and non-accredited courses are valuable. However, before choosing a course, you have to establish what you want to achieve career-wise. If you want to pursue a professional career with possible credentials behind your name, an accredited course will be sufficient. If your goal is to get a job in a specific field, then a non-accredited course could equip you with the needed knowledge and skills.



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